Rockland Federal Credit Union—Strong, Safe and Secure


With over 180,000 members and over $225 million in reserves, RFCU is in sound financial condition. Members can rest assured that their deposits are safe knowing that their savings are federally insured to $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. Government Agency and excess deposits are fully insured by the Massachusetts Share Insurance Corporation.

Our soundness is based on our exemplary business practices:

  • We have never engaged in sub-prime mortgage lending
  • We adhere to sound financial underwriting practices
  • We provide members with professional guidance, which matches them with the right loan product option
  • We are audited annually by Clifton Larson Allen, LLC, an independent auditing firm
  • We are also examined on a regular basis by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Established in 1922 Rockland Federal Credit Union remains a resource members can count on. Surplus funds resulting from our sound lending practices are returned to member-owners through higher dividends, reduced loan rates and service enhancements.

Your Savings at Rockland Federal Credit Union Are Fully Insured

Your savings are federally insured and backed by Rockland Federal Credit Union's solid financial standing. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. Government Agency, insures your savings up to $250,000. The Massachusetts Share Insurance Corporation (MSIC) fully insures shares and deposits in excess of NCUA limits.  Below are detailed descriptions of these important insurance programs.

National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Coverage-

  • The balances in your individual savings, certificate and checking accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF).
  • Joint ownership can expand the overall insurance coverage. The combined balances in joint accounts are insured separately from individual accounts for up to $250,000 per name on the account. The most federal insurance coverage any member can have as a result of joint ownership is $250,000. (Example: If joint accounts total $500,000 and there are two owners on the account(s), each owner is insured for $250,000.)
  • The funds in your IRA are insured up to $250,000.
  • Trust Accounts, depending upon their type, may be insured separately from any other accounts held by the trustee and provide up to $250,000 for each beneficiary per trustee.  Each trust relationship must be evaluated individually to determine the appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Custodial Accounts receive separate insurance coverage up to $250,000 for the combined balances in a minor's custodial account.

Massachusetts Share Insurance Corporation (MSIC) - fully insures shares and deposits in excess of NCUA limits.

If you have questions on this information, please call us at 1-800-562-7328.