Fee Schedule


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All Accounts
Returned Item from Another Institution $10.00
Non-Sufficient Funds - NSF/Uncollected
Includes checks, ACH, Bill Payment, RFCU Check Card, POS withdrawals and ATM withdrawals
($14.00 for Senior Citizens)
Copy of Monthly Statement $3.00 per statement
Copy of Cancelled Check  $1.00 each
Research Fee $25.00 per hour
Lost Passbook $10.00
Passbook Monthly Fee $2.00
Telephone Check Withdrawal not processed through TeleTouch $2.00
ACH request made by telephone $5.00
Treasurer's Checks first check is free, $3.00 each additional check, $2.00 for Senior Citizens
Money Orders - maximum amount is $1,000.00 first check per day is free, $1.00 each additional check , $0.75 for Senior Citizens
American Express Traveler's Cheques $1.00 (1.0%) for each $100.00 purchased
American Express Traveler's Cheques for Two $1.75 (1.75%) for each $100.00 purchased
Wire Transfers - Domestic - must be received by 12:30PM for same day completion $20.00
Wire Transfers - Foreign Wire and Cable Transfers - must be received by 12:30PM for same day completion $40.00
Address Corrections - to correct an incorrect address when mail is returned to the Credit Union $2.00
Late Member Fee - balance of less than $5.00 inactive for over 6 months $5.00 or current outstanding balance
Inactive Abandoned Property Fee - share or share draft accounts inactive for over 3 years $10.00
Christmas Club Accounts - penalty charged if withdrawal is made before September 30th $10.00
Online Banking FREE
Online Bill Payment
Inactive Bill Payment (less than 3 transactions within 45 day period)
eStatements FREE

Stop Payments
Check and ACH Stop Payment Request $32.00
Money Order or Treasurer's Check Stop Payment Request $32.00

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
Trustee Transfer $25.00
Premature Distribution $25.00

MasterMoney Debit/ATM Cards
Withdrawals and inquiries at RFCU branches or RFCU cash machine locations FREE
Inquiry transaction at other locations* $1.00
ATM Withdrawal at other locations* $1.00
MasterMoney/Retail purchase FREE
Debit, ATM, NEACH Overdraft Non-Sufficient Check Paid (includes checks, ACH, Debit Card, POS and ATM Withdrawals) $32.00
Card replacement fee $5.00
Currency Conversion Fee (Charged on all cross-border transactions regardless of whether there is a currency conversion.) 1.1%
Rush card replacement fee $25.00
* Certain share draft checking accounts have different fee structures for ATM transactions - please see Share Draft Checking below for details

Visa Cards
Annual fee FREE
Late Payment Up to $25.00
Card replacement fee $5.00
Convenience Check Stop Payment $32.00
Convenience Check or Cash Advance FREE
Returned Convenience Check $32.00
Rush card replacement fee $25.00
Draft Retrievals $4.00 for copy

Safe Deposit Boxes
Available at the Rockland, Marshfield and Walpole branches
3" height X 5" width X 21" length $25.00
5" height X 5" width X 21" length $35.00
3" height X 10" width X 21" length $45.00
5" height X 10" width X 21" length $65.00
10" height X 10" width X 21" length $110.00
Replacement charge for key $10.00
If both keys are lost and box must be drilled by professional locksmith $125.00
Mortgage Servicing Fees
Partial Release of Mortgage $100.00
Subordination Agreement Processing $100.00
Confirmatory Release Discharge $25.00
Mortgage Payoff FREE verbal quote, $15.00 for faxed or written quote

Levy Processing
Service charge to process tax levies $25.00
Service charge to process child support levies $20.00

Interbank Transfers-All incoming transfers are FREE!
Standard outgoing transfers (3 business days)
Standard incoming transfers (3 business days)
Premium outgoing tranfers (next day)
Premium incoming transfers (next day)
Savings Accounts
High Yield Reward Savings 1 FREE withdrawal per month
  $25 for each additional withdrawal
Money Market 3 FREE checks per month
  Minimum balance of $1,000 to open
  $10.00 for each additional check

Share Draft Checking Accounts
FREE Checking
  • 8 FREE Non-RFCU ATM transactions* with direct deposit of net pay or social security
  • $1.00 per ATM withdrawal/$1.00 per inquiry over 8

Dividend Checking

  • FREE to members 40+
  • FREE unlimited checkwriting
  • FREE Unlimited ATM transactions*
  • With direct deposit of your net pay, Social Security or pension to your account, you'll receive reimbursement for up to $10 a month in ATM surcharges.
Small Business Checking
  • FREE-No monthly charge
  • No per check charge
  • No deposit charge
  • FREE Online Banking
  • FREE Unlimited Bill Pay
  • $1.00 per transaction at non-RFCU ATMs
   Checking Accounts No Longer Available 
Extra Checking
  • FREE Unlimited checkwriting
  • FREE Unlimited ATM transactions*
  • Reimbursement for up to $10 in foreign ATM surcharges.
Image Checking
  • $5.00 monthly charge waived if average monthly balance is $600.00
Advantage Checking
  • 10 FREE Non-RFCU ATM transactions*
  • $1.00 per ATM withdrawal/$1.00 per inquiry over 10
  • $8.00 monthly charge waived if average monthly balance is $300.00
 Business Checking
  • $6.00 monthly charge
  • $0.25 per check charge
  • $0.30 per deposit  
* Some institutions may charge you directly for using their ATMs
Consumer and Home Equity Lines and Loans Payments more than 15 days late will be charged a late fee of $10.00 or
10% of the payment amount, whichever is less.